C-Wurf "Ancient Greeks"


Our third litter was born 09.05.2022! 

Twenty gave us 5 cute and healthy German Rex Babies.


Parents of this litter are "Wilhelm vom Hause Hamann" and "SE*Oneworld Twentytimestwice". 

"Willi" is a blue-white German Rex and Ayk´s half brother.  

All kittens are blue or blue-white. 

The five kittens hat a great start into life  and Twenty is a very experienced mom by now. 


Westerfeld´s Cassiopeia


DOB                         09. Mai 2022

Sex.                         female

Colour.                    blue - white (a 02)

Weight                    118 g



Lovely little Cassiopeia hopefully does not have much in common with Cassiopeia from the ancient Greek mythology: Cassiopeia's vanity made Poseidon quite angry and she had to sacrifice her daughter Andromeda. 



German Rex Kitten Baby Arktur


Westerfeld´s Callisto


DOB                         09. Mai 2022

Sex.                          female

Colour                     blue - white (a 03)

Weight                    115 g




Callisto (Kallisto) was a nymph in the greek mythology and so beautiful that Zeus seduced her. However his jealous wife Hera therefore turned her into a bear. Our Callisto is beautiful as well, but certainly not a bear :-)




German Rex Kitten Baby Arktur


Westerfelds Cassandra


DOB.                        09. Mai 2022

Sex                          female

Colour                      blue (a)

Weight                    105 g



The seer Cassandra was so beautiful that Apollon fell in love with her. When she rejected him, he cursed her to always predigt the truth but never to be believed in. When our little Cassandra looks at you with her big eyes, you will believe anything :-)




German Rex Kitten Baby Arktur


Westerfeld´s Castor


DOB.                       09. Mai 2022

Sex                          male

Colour                    blue-white  (a 03)

Weight                   116 g


Castor, one of the two Dioscuri, sailed with Iason and the Argonauts and travelled to the Amazons with Herakles. He was loved so much by his brother Pollux that Pollux gave back his immortality just to be able to visit his brother in the realm of the dead. Our Castor is very loveable himself and also a big adventurer. 


German Rex Kitten Baby Arktur


Westerfeld´s Charon


DOB.                        09. Mai 2022

Sex.                         male

Colour                     blue-white  (a 03)

Weight                    111 g



Charon is the glomm and old ferryman in Greek mythology who drove the dead across the Styx to the realm of the dead in his boat. Our little Charon is not at all gloomy and old ;-).




Westerfeld´s German Rex Kitten

2 Days

A small bundle of joy.

7 Days

A growing bundle of joy :-). Looking into the bitter box we can See happy satified Babies. The all gain weight and have doubled their birth weight.  

German Rex Katzenbabies Kitten Germanrex

16 Days

Ist not that easy anymore to gut all 5 on one picture :-). Our babies grow and develop very well and they are also getting more active now. 

German Rex Allergikerkatzen

5 Weeks

Good Morning! All are growing well.. they have now left the bitter box and are playing in the kennel. They have also tried some food.

German Rex Katzenallergie Kätzchen

7 Weeks

By now the 5 Kittens cannot be kept in the kennel, they have occupied the whole playroom and we really enjoy their wild games.. Twenty and Billie take turns watching them.

10 Weeks

Our Babies are huuuge by Not and this was a really lucky moment getting them all on one picture.. All 5 bring us lots of joy and we are sad knowing that farewell day is getting closer. 

German Rex Baby Katzenkinder Katzenzüchter

12 Weeks

A last picture- on the day before moving day our babies cuddle extensively - as if they know what´s happening  :-(

Germanrex Katzenbabies

12 Weeks

Castro und Charon will stay together and live close by with a very nice young couple. 

Kätzchen German Rex Babies

12 Weeks

Callisto and Cassiopeia will move south and live with a lively family. Cassandra will also live close by - there are already two other cats waiting for her in her new home!