For every pet owner and of course for every breeder it should be natural to refresh and broaden their knowledge. The same obviously applies to veterinarians - it is mandatory in Germany.

Therefore, I have taken my entering the cat breeding world as a reason to refresh my knowledge on nutrition and reproductive medicine and study genetics and litter planning in more depth.

I have also attended the Felidae e.V. seminars for geneticts in cats and the cat animal welfare , so that I am now listed as a breeder with certificate of competence in Felidae e.V.

Nutrition Trends in Dogs and Cats

Genetics and Litter Planning

Reproductive Medicine

Pregnancy and Labour in the Cat

Labour in the Cat

Labour in the Cat II

Small Animal Gynecology I

Small Animal Gynecology II

Small Animal Gynecology III

Animal Welfare (Cat)- Exam/Certificate

Genetics for Cat Breeders