The Westerfelders

We are a happy Family with three kids and now two German Rex cats located near Hannover in Germany.

Hannover Germanrex Katzenzucht Tierarzt Westerfelds

Our journey to German Rex cats

I am a veterinarian by training, but I stopped working in practice a couple of years ago. Last year we decided to add a pet as additional member to our family. As we have lived the recent years without pets at home, we wanted to start with a single cat  from animal rescue. 

However, when we wanted to share the good news with family and friends, we learned that several of them are allergic. As we did not want to miss out on cozy visits from our lived ones, I started my research.  

I was familiar with Devon Rex cats as allergy friendly cats from my time in vet practice, but when I discovered the German Rex breed I was absolutely smitten - a rex cat to which many allergic people to not or just barely react and which perfectly resembled my ideal of beauty. 

The history of this unique German breed instantly fascinated me and we quickly decided that we wanted to adopt two German Rex kittens and that we could also imagine to join the German Rex breeders in preserving and developing this breed. 

Our breeding programm

Luckily when starting my search for our furry friends, I got in contact with top breeders, who  provided first class advices and support during my journey - many thanks to Miia Grasten (SE*OneWorld) and the Fündling/Neumann family (vom hohen Norden)!


Our club is Felidae e.V. and of course we fulfil all their standards in respect of husbandry and breeding requirements and rules.

The Beginning (2019)

The adventure is starting! The youngsters Ayk and Twenty have moved in with us and we look forward to exiting times. 

Our cats are primarily family members and and only secondarily breeding animals, thus at the moment we are fully focused on raising two healthy and happy young cats. Everything else remains to be seen.. we are looking forward to our first shows and the results! 

The Start of our Breeding Programm

Twenty and Ayk have both celebrated their first birthdays and we can start to think about breeding plans. News will be shared here :-)


Twenty is pregnant - we are expecting our first Westerfelds German Rex babies! Please visit the "KIttens" and "Litter A" tab for more info!

PLans for 2021

Our first litter of German Rex babies has left us to move to their new families. Twenty and Ayk will have their HCM Scan soon (belated due to Corona restrictions). So far, and understandably, all shows have been cancelled or postponed. While it is not possible to plan in detail when breeding, we hope to welcome another German Rex litter in 2021.