The Journey to our first Westerfelds Kittens

01.09.2020 - We are expecting the first Westerfeld´s German Rex Kittens


Our initial breeding pair Twenty and Ayk are awaiting their first litter of Westerfeld´s German Rex Kittens!


Dam:                   SE*OneWorld Twentytimestwice

Sire:                     Ayk vom hohen Norden


Due Date:           Beginning of October


We are so happy and exited that Twenty and Ayk were successful and we can expect our first litter soon.

This A-litter is also something special for every newbie breeder - did we select the right pair, are they a good match and will the kittens be what we expect? ..and of course we hope everything will go well..


We await GRX kittens in the colours blue-cream tortie or blue-cream tortie with white (female) and blue or blue with white (male).

Please get in touch if you are interested in Westerfeld´s German Rex kittens. Of course we will provide regular updates here :-)

Update 24.09.2020:


Our sweet pregnant Twenty is now big and round, but happy and content. She still runs and jumps from time to time and loves playing with her toys.


But she also enjoys lots of cuddles and bellyrubs and we can feel and even see the little ones moving inside.


This is an awesome experience and we get more exited from day to day. Let´s all hope everything goes well and we´ll be able to welcome healty curly babies soon.


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04.10.2020 - Our first Westerfelds Babies are born - click the Button:

Westerfelds A Litter German Rex