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28.05.2021 - Twenty is becoming big again - we are exited

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12.05.2021 - We are expecting new Westerfeld´s German Rex Kittens

Please get in touch if you are interested in Westerfeld´s German Rex kittens. Of course we will provide regular updates here :-)

04.10.2020 - Our first Westerfelds Babies were born - click the Button:

Westerfelds A Litter German Rex


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01.09.2020 - We are expecting the first Westerfeld´s German Rex Kittens

Twenty and Ayk are awaiting their first litter of Westerfeld´s German Rex Kittens!


Dam:                   SE*OneWorld Twentytimestwice

Sire:                     Ayk vom hohen Norden


Due Date:           Beginning of October


We are so happy and exited that Twenty and Ayk were successful and we can expect our first litter soon.

This A-litter is also something special for every newbie breeder - did we select the right pair, are they a good match and will the kittens be what we expect? ..and of course we hope everything will go well..

We await GRX kittens in the colours blue-cream tortie or blue-cream tortie with white (female) and blue or blue with white (male).