Kitten Info


We expect potential kitten buyers to think about some topics regarding life with cats in advance, if they are not already experienced cat owners:

  • Our cats (German Rexes in general) are very social cats and they should not live in solitude, so please consider adopting two kittens if you do not already have a cat
  • Baby cats are adorable, but living with animals also means that something in your home could be damaged or get dirty. Would that be a problem for you?
  • Where will your cats stay when you go on holiday or who is going to look after them?
  • What happens if your cat gets seriously sick?
  • Cats can get 20 years old - will you be able to ensure that they are well taken care of their whole life?
German Rex Germanrex Allergikerkatze

Our Babies

Our babies stay with their mom for at least 12 weeks - usually even longer because of the second vaccination.

When they leave our home, they are very well socialized, having lived with their parents as well as in the middle of our family of five including three kids.

They eat on their own (high quality wet food), use the toilet and are used to being separated from their mom at times.

Our kittens get dewormed regularly and vaccinated twice (panleukopenia and respiratory disease; rabies at request). They come with a pedigree, veterinary health certificate, microchip, EU-pet-passport, fecal check result and starter kit.

As an ethical breeder, we also offer to help the new owners with words and deeds at all times.

German Rex Kitten Katzenbaby Blue-Tortie

Cat Allergy

Our main goal is to breed wonderful, healthy, friendly and happy German Rex cats with good type, that make great family cats or best friends.

It is our experience that many people with cat allergy experience less or no reaction at all to German Rex cats.

However, this can vary in each individual case and has to be tested for each person with the respective cat(s).

We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you and help to find the perfect match for each cat lover.



German Rex Kater Schnurrhaare Zuchtkater Ayk


We spare no costs and efforts for our cats and we expect the same from our kitten buyers.

Our adult cats are vet examined for soundness of breeding, tested for hereditary and transmissible diseases and HCM scanned.

They have access to the best veterinary care and we use high quality wet food - because we love them and because we want to ensure that our kitten have the best start into life possible.

Yearly costs for 2 cats are displayed in detail on various breeder pages;  in addition you should be aware that shortly after the kittens have moved in, there will be vet costs for castration - and during the life of a cat there can be unexpected medical costs at any time, which always need to be covered by a financial cushion or pet insurance.


The price for one pet kitten is 1100 Euro and for two kittens it is 2000 Euro.

Katzenbabies German Rex Kitten Rexkatzen