Litter A - "STars"

Our first Westerfeld´s German Rex kittens were born late night on the 4th October 2020.


The parents are our breeding cats "Ayk vom hohen Norden" and "SE*Oneworld Twentytimestwice".

Twenty did very well on her first childbirth and is doing very well in being a loving and engaged but also relaxed mom.


The two little ones are developing very nicely so far.

Westerfeld´s Adhara


Date of birth           04th October 2020

Sex                           female

Colour                     blue-cream tortie with white (g 09)

Birth Weight          110 g


"Adhara" is the name of the star "epsilon Canis Majoris" in the constellation of Canis Major (translates to "Big Dog"). The name Adhara means "virgin" .

Westerfeld´s Arktur


Geb. Datum                04. Oktober 2020

Geschlecht                 männlich

Farbe                           blau -weiß (a 09)

Geburtsgewicht        129 g


"Arktur", also called alpha Boötes, is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes ("the Bear Keeper").  It is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.

Adhara Arktur Westerfeld´s German Rex Kitten

12 Days

Adhara and Arktur grow and prosper nicely.

At 12 days they now have almost tripled their weights.

German Rex Kitten Breeder

20 Days

Our little ones are getting interested to explore the world outside of the birthing box.

25 Days

Now these two really want to see the world.. they are curious and lively babies.

5 Weeks

Our cuties explore their playpen and love to play and run.

6 Weeks

After a day of chasing, playing and fighting these two also need some rest every now and then...

9 Weeks

Our kittens mastered their first vet exam and vaccination and also refuse to be confined any longer so they now explore the house..

12 Weeks

Adhara and Arktur have developed lovely personalities and now the  time to say good bye is coming closer, even if the two of them still like to cuddle each other and their Mom.

Adhara will move up North and in her new loving home, she will meet three adoptive moms at once.. and hopefully have her own babies in their breeding program.

Arktur will have an absolute cat´s dream of a home in the South, where he will have an adult German Rex boy as new play and cuddle partner.