SE*OneWorld Twentytimestwice

aka Twenty

German Rex Cat Twenty


Sweet Twenty is a wonderful girl - affectionate, outgoing and constantly purring..


Name:                   SE*OneWorld Twentytimestwice

Sex:                       female

Date of birth:         23. Mai 2019

Dam:                     Blaze vom Schmetterlingstraum

Sire:                       SE*OneWorld Blue Flow

Colour:                  blue-white (a 09)


Breeders:              Miia Gråsten/Kevin Prahl


Stammbaum German Rex Westerfelds
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Twenty is the result of a so called "outcross". For this, in Twentys grandparent generation, a European Shorthair stud (World Champion) was bred to a German Rex cat. Twentys sire is a German Rex Hybrid from this outcross - as he was bred with a pure German Rex cat again, this brings 50% German Rex kitten and one of those is Twenty. Thereby she is very valuable for the GRX breed, as she brings "new blood" into the relatively small gene pool. We expect that our beautiful, affectionate purring girl will have equally lovely offspring.

Genetic Testing

Laboklin Germany

   Heritable Disease Package  - No Genetic Markers

   Genetic Blood Type - Genotype N/N (Blood Type  A)

   Agouti - Genotype  a/a

   Chocolate - Genotype B/B

   Colorpoint - Genotyp C/C

   Verdünnung - Genotyp d/d