Ayk vom Hohen Norden

German Rex Cat Ayk Stud Tomcat


Our Ayk is an absolutely endearing boy - always happy and affectionate and in addition he is drop-dead gorgeous!


Name:                      Ayk vom hohen Norden


Sex:                          male

Date of birth:          28. Mai 2019

Colour:                     Creme-white (e 09)

Dam:                        Ypse-Rex vom Starkenberg

Sire:                          Goblin´s George


Breeders:                Nicole Neumann/Dennis Fündling



Stammbaum German Rex Westerfelds Felidae


Ayk is out of the first litter from Cattery "vom hohen Norden".

His dam Ypse-Rex vom Starkenberg is International Champion (IC) and his sire Goblin´s George is Champion.

In Ayks pedigree, all cats in the parent and grandparent generation are purebred German Rex cats.

Genetic Testing

Laboklin Germany

   Heritable Disease Package  - No Genetic Markers

   Genetic Blood Type - Genotype N/b (Blood Type  A heterogeneous)

   Agouti - Genotype  a/a

   Chocolate - Genotype B/b

   Colorpoint - Genotyp C/C

   Verdünnung - Genotyp d/d